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My Story

My granddad was a coach builder on the railways at Melton Constables in Norfolk and then went into the building trade as a carpenter/joiner and also my late father continued the craft too. Thatís probably why I like working with wood.

I was a Qualified electrician for nearly 10 years before losing my sight.

In 2003 I went to RNIBís Manor House in Torquay all the way down in Devonshire. I enrolled on a 12 months woodturning course with Robbie Farrance, but I only received 3 months before the wood working department closed on me! But soon after the whole of Manor House closed down too! It had been standing proud for 65years! What a loss!

I came home and struggled for 3 years until I met Dick Waller, a retired professional woodturner and he has transform my skill and enjoyment in woodturning! Dick is more a traditional woodturner employing simple methods and tricks of the trade! None of those computer controlled lathe with control knobs and gears! Just the chisel on the plate and off you go! He designed me some special shaped chisels to allow me to cut various patterns and shapes.

Dick Waller

I would like to pay tribute to a very, very good man who sadly passed away 12th April 2012. Dick was a fantastic steady guiding hand to my wood turning skills and work and I wouldn't be here now today but for his patience and sheer depth of understanding and cleverness in adapting some of my chisels and tools to help me.

He was a great friend who came over to visit me quite often, just for a natter but also to solve tricky problems and pass on new tricks of the trade too. I do miss him very much, even now today.

Thank you Dick, for being my mentor and friend.


Some pictures of me working at my lathe!

See more pictures and videos on My Workshop section.

Last updated: 1st February 2017