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I have manufactured many different pieces in the few years i have being woodturning and I am forever experimenting and making new items in different timbers! See the list below for what I have done.


All these pieces are Bowls without lids. They come in various shapes (round and eight-sided) and using many different timbers.




These are bowls with Lids. They come in various styles - Round or Eight sided with solid wooden lids, Round with pewter inserts in lid and pewter or china pot-pourri inserts in lid.


A range of Platters (like a very flat bowls with low rims), in several styles (Round, six sided or eight sided). Some have a round marble tile insert to provide a heat resistance stand for saucepans etc.





A variety of different designs, for example: wall mounted (comes complete with wall bracket mounting kit) or in a table desktop freestanding model, inserted in a range of different wooden surround. Some clocks have alarms features too. All clocks are battery operated (battery included).
Replacement batteries for the 65mm, 85mm and 100mm clocks, are available at £2 (these batteries are non-standard).
For the other clocks (150mm and 200mm) takes the more usual size commonly available in your local shops.


Wall Mounted


These table desktop calendars comes in either a 40 year, 100 year or a 100 year with clock styles.


Brass candle disk with threaded spike, Brass candle disk with plain spike and traditional solid brass candle holders

Desk Items

A range of items for the desk. They are book marks, calculators, compasses, letter clips, letter openers and paperweights.

Keyring Gifts

Small delicate pieces suitable for your keyring. They are either a simple dangle with or without gold trimmings, whistles, secret compartment (slightly fatter dangles for messages etc) and also some ladies perfume pens and plush brushes.

Ladies Gifts

Some lovely pieces for the Ladies and their handbags, for example perfume pens, perfume atomizers, perfume holders,secret boxes, plush brushes, silver powder compacts (complete with mirror and puff).
Replacement perfume applicators (the small bulb syringe) £1 each.


A range of mirrors to suit your needs. They come as either a Wall mounted or Table top mirror. Also available is the Compact with two mirrors.


A rage of lovely Pens or Pencils or both in a set, which comes in three basic styles: Slimline (10mm thick), classic (13mm thick) and Cigar (15mm thick).
All pens comes with refills.


A collection of table Lamps. All are fitted with the latest safety switches which means the lamp will not work until you put a bulb in.


These are elegant vases showing off the grain of the wood very nicely. Some will have an glass insert to take wet flowers or one could take out the glass inset and put in dry or artificial flowers. Also there are bud vase with a small plastic insert for 1 rose etc.
The glass inserts are approximately 180mm deep (7inches), at the top the opening is 78mm wide (3inches), tapering down to 60mm (2 3/8 inches) at the bottom.


A collection of Pots, in a range of different styles like simple rounds, eight-sided one and some have lids including a brass pot pourri variety to let the perfume out.


Some interesting designs and styles for a little light relief.

New Pieces Coming Soon

I am working on the following pieces and will be available soon.

Commissioned Pieces

I do special one off comissions on request and so far I have made these pieces as shown below. Please phone or eMail me to chat about anything you would like made! My telephone number is 01953 45 10 68 or email me on

and also these objects too ..

Last Updated: 24th February 2014